Sini Puu (pigeon_master) wrote in aussie_glitter,
Sini Puu


I'm not sure if anyone would know the answer, but I want to know where you register the name for a fashion label? I've been trying to research but keep coming to dead ends. If someone knows please tell me!

Great community by the way XD
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Do you mean business name registration or copyright-ness? I'm all foggy, as it's been a few years but I did a music buisness course a couple of years ago and have done some stuff helping people copyright/register their band names and stuff. The best place to start looking is in small business places, I think the government has a small business website, there should be loads of links there! Good luck! What sort of stuff are you making? You should pimp it here! :D
I recently registered for a business name in Queensland. Basically, I think that's what you need to do. You need to go to the Office of Fair Trading in your state. As far as Qld went, it only took a few minutes, a form, and $207 for three years. A bit of research online won't hurt either as they won't issue a name if it's already taken or too similar to one that already exists even if it's a different kind of business.
Oh thankyou thankyou!!!